Environmental awareness policy

Diagonal Mar Limousines joins environmental awareness by adapting all its activities to its commitment to the care of the environment and pollution prevention through control, savings and recycling systems, in addition to the acquisition of a new energy efficient fleet.

Proud to have made this decision, we share in the commitments acquired to all people related to our company: staff, customers, suppliers.

Security commitment

One of the main concerns of Diagonal Mar Limousines is safety for its customers and employees. For this reason, the practices of prevention and reduction of road risks are constantly maintained, so the Management undertakes to establish mechanisms and controls for the promotion and prevention of accidents in public and private roads.

Therefore, people who provide their services directly or indirectly for Diagonal
Mar Limousines, are responsible for complying with the requirements that are developed and programmed for the mitigation of traffic accidents that may arise in the operation and that affect people, equipment, facilities or the environment.

Quality commitment

The main objective of Diagonal Mari Limousines is to offer the highest quality in its services, fulfilling the expectations of our clients and being able to anticipate them. For this reason we have a team with great knowledge in the sector in which we operate always acting professionally seeking excellence. We are committed to constant improvement in all areas of our activity and our internal management, evaluating our environmental impact in order to reduce it.

Corporate image

Diagonal Mar Limousines is synonymous with quality and commitment to the client, which gives us a clear competitive advantage in the sector. All this thanks to our team that works daily with the utmost responsibility and professional ethics to strengthen our brand, take care of it and grant it the recognition currently received. We comply with all legal, regulatory and voluntary requirements for our activities and related to environmental aspects.


Diagonal Mar Limousines is committed to technological improvement and innovation as the main driver of growth and sustainability. Being attentive to constant market changes by making decisions about updated information allows us to anticipate our competitors. Convinced that with continued commercial action to promote our services and exquisite customer service, they are the keys to the constant improvement and evolution of our company.

Job security

Aware of the essential health sensitivity of the group of workers, Diagonal Mar Limousines assumes its commitment to the Prevention of Occupational Risks in all its actions, as one of the integrating principles of its Business Policy. That is why, within the outsourcing activities it provides, mainly in the road passenger transport sector, it integrates a Occupational Risk Prevention Management System.

Our goals

The main objectives of Diagonal Mar Limousines are to offer the highest quality services to our customers in order to create a recognized brand in the sector and throughout the
Spanish scope Aided by our team of professionals and our fleet of vehicles in which there are more and more vehicles with low CO2 and electric emissions.