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We already talked in previous posts about how we like music and the huge number of events and concerts existing in Catalonia. Some of them take place during the towns’s festivals where they are located. And most of the Catalonian towns celebrate their local festivals during summertime, especially in August. Here some of the most interesting, but there are many more.

Sitges festival was declared Traditional Interest Festival in 1991, and Patrimonial interest Festival in 2016. It’s in honor of their Patron Saint, San Bartolomé. Several events and activities take place during the hole month for kids and for adults. From puppets theatre to the Correfoc (Parade of people disguised in demons with fire devices), you will find popular dinners, concerts, dance events, and fireworks.

Another Good example is Caldes de Malavella. In one week, you will be able to apply for a tennis open, a chess open, quick painting and painting in concrete contests, catalan sausage kitchen contest, a giants parade, “havaneres” concert (old fishermen songs), and a couple of popular dinners, as well as all kind of activities for kids.

Castellar de n’Hug, at the Pirenees, organizes every year a shepherd dogs international contest. This year it arrives to its 54 event. Born when a group of shepherds wanted to see which one of their dogs was best, it takes place at the medieval castle’s meadow, and this year over 4000 persons are expected to enjoy it.

Cardona is famous for its salt mines, that are a very interesting place to visit in organized tours with guides. But is also famous for its Coromina festival, where the correfoc and fireworks are a must to see, followed by a night of concerts and dance.

During the whole summer from mid June to end of August, in several towns of the Pirenees like Puigcerdà, Prullans, Bagà, Tírvia, Gòsol, Llavorsí and many others, takes place the Cathars festival, to remember the path those knights made in the region.
You can enjoy different kind of concerts, ateliers of old music instruments, medieval markets and fairs, guided visits to churches that are usually closed, archery contests, medieval kitchen, theatre plays, and all kind of stuff related to the Catars knights and its epoque.

And of course, Barcelona enjoys many festivals during summertime. Some of the quarters were independent towns before the city overtook them, and so they continue to celebrate their fairs every year. The most known are the festivals of Sants and Gràcia. Hopefully, you don’t need to choose. Gràcia starts in August 15th, and Sants 3 or 4 days later. Those festivals will be there for you for around two weeks. It will be plenty of concerts, popular lunches and dinners, and the internationnally known Gràcia street disguising contest. Your only issue will be your eventual lack of sleep…

But when in Catalonia during summertime, don’t forget our local kitchen and our human towers season. Take a look at the schedule to find the towns with this event every weekend, and enjoy the best example of teamwork you will ever see. You can bet that the most difficult thing will be finding a moment to get bored.

By Alex Carbonell

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